Creating a landscape plan is at the heart of the services Land Art provides. Whether it is sketching some ideas on site, or producing a full set of documents, we can arrive at a solution to meet your needs.

The typical plan service begins with  a detailed site survey stage, I'll advise whether we need a detail survey by a surveyor or whether it's enough for me to measure up the site. Location of existing structures, block & easement information, plantings, levels and taking photos is all a part of this service. If required I can produce a full tree survey that can be used for development approval, or just as a usefull base for maintenance of an existing landscape.

The next step is a concept / preliminary landscape plan or plans. We can explore a single or multiple options & provide cost estimation for the proposed works. A plan covers the hardworks such as walls, steps, paving, & structures as well as the softworks such as grassing & garden beds. Plant suggestions are included at this stage. Sometimes this might be as far as we need to go. 

If required we can develope the plan further, making changes, & refining details. The planting can be fully specified, special detailing provided, & a bill of quantities produced (usefull for purchasing materials or allowing consistency for quotting).

Whether you require a plan that you can develop up yourself or a plan that we can pass on to a landscaper for quotting & construction, we can tailor something to suit.


Tree survey's, Site plans & Concept Plans

This is the first step to producing a landscape plan & possibly the most crucial, particularly for an existing house & garden. Checking the pre-existing conditions, such as where the house is actually situated on the block, whether fenc...

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Preliminary Landscape Plans

A PreliminaryLandscape Plan is a scale drawing (usually at 1:100 - much like a house plan, or sometimes 1:200 - typically for rural blocks). It shows hardworks, such as retaining walls, paving, steps, & structures like pergolas, decks &...

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Landscape plans

A Landscape plan is not far removed from the Preliminary Landscape Plan. It is still that coloured scale drawing with perspective sketches. It allows for changes & amendments, whether that's a minor tweak or a major redesign. I can estimate...

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